Further Savings on large orders assembled in Canada please inquire

Energy lease funding is available.
This also saves on your air conditioning and refrigeration load.


Plug and Play- Super easy Installation. Just switch out the old
fluorescent tubes for Hitec T8 LEDs and you're done.
No electrician or other changes required.

Mercury Free - Unlike fluorescent bulbs (FLs), the Hitec T8
LEDs contain no mercury making them safe for the environment
while eliminating recycling costs.

Dimmable- Hitec T8 LEDs allow for customized lighting levels.

Directional Lighting- Hitec T8 LEDs directional light put illumination exactly where you need it.

Finger Tip Control - Hitec T8 LEDs work perfectly with control
systems; their life is not affected by constant turning on and off.

Voltage - Hitec T8 LEDs are rated for 12v 48 vDC  110AC to 347 v

Pricing - Hitec T8 LEDs cost only pennies more than fluorescent bulbs after the OPA incentive.

Best Efficiency -  Hitec T8 LEDs are
48% more efficient than T8 FLs meaning electricity costs are reduced considerably as well as the load on

air  conditioning  and refrigeration.